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Zen Garden Restaurant







镬仔叉烧 (广东风味)















A & B Cafe at the Chinatown 球记茶餐厅
670 South Weller St. Seattle WA 98104
(206) 625-0408

Serve   Tapioca Pearl Tea,Chinese and Western  breakfast  
   港式茶餐厅的菜式 茶餐厅其实是西餐和广东饮食结合的产物,所以菜式也是中西合壁 
香 港式茶 餐厅:-早餐, 午餐 ,晚餐 “品种很多”.

670 South Weller St. Seattle WA 98104
(former J & L Cafe )
(206) 625-0408
 ( see Map

Chinatown  Events & Cuisine

Seattle Chinatown -Hing Hay Park 

    A  & B Cafe at the Chinatown 球记茶餐厅




珍珠 奶茶


欢迎 外卖


Bubble Tea  

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* Cuisine

正宗港式奶茶  Seattle 西雅图 最有名 -港式奶茶  香浓,滑可口

粥面、碟饭、.牛扒、意粉、奶茶   香港口味 . “品种很多”.

Serving Chinese congee and Sandwiches,  Milk Tea and other various meats/vegetables over rice.
one of  the best  Hong Kong Western Style food  in Seattle Chinatown. 

Open    7:30 AM to 7PM  Every Day ,   Friday and Saturday open until 10PM




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